Strategy Development & Implementation

We utilize the Balanced Scorecard as our core model for strategy development. Our process with your executive team might include:
  • Fine-tuning corporate mission, vision, values, goals and objectives.
  • Developing a strategy map to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Linking strategy map to KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Monitoring and rating performance and pinpointing areas of improvement

Tax Incentives

3We’ll assess the overall needs of your company, but our experience shows that Research & Development Tax Credits and Cost Segregation studies often provide substantial payback.  Let’s start there.

Debt Structure/Service & Banking Relationships

1We’ll examine current cash flow and look for ways to restructure existing debt in a manner that is not only beneficial for cash flow, but also more appealing on your balance sheet.  Researching capital options like USDA, SBA, Industrial Revenue Bonds and creating Bank proposals are just a few other ways we can help.

Budgets, Forecasts & Long-Term Projections

2Your management team will learn how to develop a structured budget and rolling forecast, as well as how to build long-term projections to help your company assess future capital expenditures or borrowing needs.

Team Building
& Staff Development

6Imagine the impact of a staff who truly understands each other and the various personality dynamics in your group. We’ll conduct innovative personality profiling and follow-up with results evaluation and communication training. We administer “stay interviews” in which we’ll establish individual goals and structure a development program. Happy, engaged employees drive company success!